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What is it?

ILLSAVIOR is an in-progress character-driven first person RPG only for the Commodore 64. 

It is coded entirely in assembly, with all music, graphics and design by one person - save the gorgeous title/banner art, shown above, by the talented rail/slave. 

It has about six months worth of development completed, but has currently been on hiatus for another six. Expect updates in the coming months.


Good stories are not about the "plot". Good stories are about the characters. Heroes become heroes not because they are super-humans that perform super-human feats, but because they are human. We relate to them on a personal level when their embodiment resounds within us as reflections of ourselves.

ILLSAVIOR is about a ragtag bunch of flawed, disabled, or mentally sick adventurers that are thrust into the unfortunate task of saving the world. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they are selfish, sometimes kind and giving. But they are all human.

Like any RPG, you know how it's going to end. You traverse the world, kill the last boss, and see the credits. The journey, however, is not going to be what you expect...

Warning: This game will contain complex psychological themes. It will be appropriate for 13+, but it will be very emotive.

WIP Screenshots / GIFs

First area in action with temporary combat:

Test layout for outside zones:

Map tool, designed in Python using tkinter:

Example sprite sheet for monsters: