A downloadable game for Windows and Android

If you miss a single gem, you FAIL TO ESCAPE!

A one level platformer I struggled to finish in time.  Collect all gems to escape your dream, touch the rising water and lose!

*Update 9/18, Level Editor instructions*

-Replaced both desktop VR versions with one patched version.

-Forgot to mention that the non-VR version has a level editor built-in.  In game, press Tab to enable edit/flight (ctrl moves down) and Esc to re-enable play mode. 'G' drops a gem and 'T' drops a mushroom. Backspace removes the last gem in the level's gem list. No way to remove a mushroom except manually, sorry :)

When you quit the game, the level data will be printed to the console. If you're interested in adding levels, send them over :)

Install instructions


1. Set Oculus Go to developer mode

2. Install Android SDK command line tools

3. From cmd line from your Lil Neemit download folder type: "adb install neemit.apk"


1. Extract zip and run lilneemit.exe


1. Extract zip and run neemit.exe

2. Depending on your headset you may have to set LOVR bindings for:
-Right hand touchpad - touch
-Right hand trigger (bind trigger action to a button if trigger doesn't work)


Lil Neemit! - Oculus Go 5 MB
Lil Neemit! - Oculus Quest 5 MB
Lil Neemit! - Windows 10, Non-VR (+editor) 1 MB
Lil Neemit! - Win 10, VR 1 MB

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